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Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School

Lead Kindly Light, Lead Thou Me On

Xavier Education Trust

Yr 5 + 6 Boys' House Football

After school the Year 5 + 6 boys took to the field where the action promised to be even hotter and more competitive than the girls' competition!  Indeed, the desire to play was so great, with over 60 boys taking part, we decided to run 2 boys competitions then combine the results to find the overall winners.

The action was fast, frenetic and thrilling for the bumper crowd of parents who cheered from the touchline and once again, the overall result was in the balance until the final moments of the final matches. This time it was St John Bosco who held on the take the title ahead of St Lucy.
Results – Competition 1
St Clare 0 St John Bosco 2                      St Lucy 0 St Stephen 0
St Clare 0 St Lucy 1                               St John Bosco 1 St Stephen 0
St Lucy 0 St John Bosco 1                       St Clare 0 St Stephen 1
Competition 2
St Clare 1 St John Bosco 1                       St Lucy 2 St Stephen 0
St Clare 0 St Lucy 0                                St John Bosco 2 St Stephen 1
St Lucy 2 St John Bosco 0                        St Clare 1 St Stephen 0
Overall Points
St John Bosco 13
St Lucy 11
St Clare 5
St Stephen 4