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Volunteering at School

We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering at Cardinal Newman School. We value the involvement of volunteers in our children’s education and we encourage you to actively join us to help out and share your skills to benefit our children’s learning.  This LEAFLET explains the many ways you can volunteer in school.

Before you start helping as a volunteer you will need to follow the application process below. Service (DBS) check.  All information is treated in the strictest confidence. These checks are an Ofsted requirement in the best interests and safety of the children, and to comply with Safeguarding procedures.

You will also need to complete two safeguarding training sessions.

If you have not been resident in the UK for at least the previous 5 years, you may be asked to provide a certificate of good conduct from each country where you have resided for 12 months or more.

The Application Process

    1. Cardinal Newman School Application Form

Complete the APPLICATION FORM and email it to the school office or hand in a hard copy.  Remember to include the contact details of a referee and your email address.  Your personal statement does not have to be lengthy – a couple of sentences explaining why you would like to work with children is enough.

  1. Complete the Strictly Education online application

When we have received the above application form, you will receive an email from Strictly Education with a link to access the online DBS portal.  You then should follow THIS GUIDANCE to complete and submit your online application with Strictly Education. There is a Strictly Education admin fee of £10.50 which will be added to your Scopay account.

When you have completed your online DBS application, please bring to the office the following three original and current ID documents:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • either - Marriage certificate (essential if you are married and have changed your name), Birth Certificate,  or Council Tax Statement (dated within 12 months), or bank statement (cannot be online printout and must be dated within 3 months).  Further information about what ID you can provide can be found below. 

  1. Attend an online training session with the Xavier Safeguarding Lead 

This session lasts approximately one hour.  Let the school office know which session you would like to attend from this list so we can book a place for you.

  1. Complete The National College Safeguarding training 

A link to complete this training will be emailed to you by the school when steps 1-3 have been completed.

  1. Safeguarding Declaration

Sign and return to the school office.

Your DBS Certificate will be posted to your home address.  Please bring it with you and show it to the office when you volunteer for the first time.  At this stage, it’s a good idea to register for the Update Service which is free for volunteers and may avoid having to re-apply for an additional DBS check.

You will be given your own personalised lanyard which you must wear when volunteering in school at all times, and return it to the office after each volunteering session.

As long as you come in to school at least once per term, your DBS will remain valid for volunteering with us for 3 years.  After then, we can either re-check your status using the Update Service (with your CONSENTor you can apply for a new DBS check, following the above steps.

If you need further help at any stage of the process, please do not hesitate to contact or call in to the office if you would prefer to speak to someone about your application.

We hold regular Safeguarding sessions. Please contact the office for details. 

Thank you very much for your help and support.

ID Document Rules

  • You must provide original documentation only; photocopies or documentation printed from the internet e.g. internet bank statements will not be accepted.
  • At least one document must confirm your current name - remember to also provide documentation to support any name changes e.g. Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate
  • At least one document must confirm your date of birth
  • At least one document must confirm your current address and documentation covering your previous five year address history may also be requested.

You must provide at least one of the following 

  • CURRENT VALID PASSPORT (any nationality)
  • CURRENT PHOTOCARD DRIVING LICENCE (UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands/EEA) – full or provisional
  • UK BIRTH CERTIFICATE (issued at time of birth)
  • ADOPTION CERTIFICATE (UK & Channel Islands)

You can provide 3 of these documents

Other forms of ID

Additional forms of ID include:

  • UK HM Forces ID Card
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • Immigration document, work permit or VISA (Issued outside of EEA) (Valid only for roles whereby applicant is living and working outside of UK.)
  • Fire Arms Licence (UK, Channel Islands & Isle of Man)
  • Credit Card Statement * (UK or EEA)
  • Bank/Building Society Statement * (UK, Channel Islands or EEA)
  • Utility Bill* (UK) Not Mobile Telephone
  • Bank/Building Society Statement * (Countries outside the EEA) (Branch must be in the country where the applicant lives and works).
  • Document from Central/ Local Government/ Government Agency/ Local Authority giving entitlement (UK)*: e.g. from the Department for Work and Pensions, the Employment Service, Customs & Revenue, Job Centre, Job Centre Plus, Social Security
  • Bank/Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter (UK)* #
  • Benefit Statement* - e.g. Child Benefit, Pension
  • Financial Statement ** - e.g. pension, endowment, ISA (UK) Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA)**
  • P45/P60 Statement (UK & Channel Islands) **
  • Council Tax Statement (UK & Channel Islands)**
  • Irish Passport Card – cannot be used with an Irish passport (must still be valid)
  • EEA National ID Card (must still be valid)
  • Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo (UK, Isle of Man & Channel Islands) – Must still be valid
  • Letter of Sponsorship from future employment provider (Non-UK/Non-EEA only) – Valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at time of application
  • For 16/19 year olds in full time education - Letter from a Head Teacher or College Principal (UK)  (Only to be used in exceptional circumstances when all other documents have been exhausted).

*   Denoted with * should be less than 3 months old
** Denoted with ** should be issued within the last 12 months