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Design and Technology


DT curriculum overview

DT Intent and Implementation

DT Intent and Implementation At Cardinal Newman School our Design and Technology curriculum is aimed to inspire children to be creative and critical thinkers in our ever changing world. Our curriculum is based on the Kapow scheme of work and within each unit pupils follow the design cycle which includes ideation, creation, and evaluation. Design and Technology skills and understanding are built into every lesson, following a practical and interactive process of designing and making. Through these lessons, we inspire pupils to develop a love of Design and Technology ,see how it has helped shaped the ever-evolving technological world they live in and consider sustainability and their role as global citizens in the creation of products. EYFS At Cardinal Newman School we know the importance of providing our children with practical and hands on experiences. Children in reception have the opportunity to work indoors and outdoors to develop their fine motor skills. Children are given practical problems to solve and thus become both critical and resilient thinkers. Key Stage 1 Children explore Design and Technology through progressive units following the strand structures of mechanisms, food and nutrition, structures and textiles. Key Stage 2 Building on the skills and knowledge taught in the strands in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 carry on with the strands taught in Key Stage 1 with the addition of electrical systems, mechanical systems and the digital world